The Clean Slate

Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah, is the fth pillar and the most signi cant manifestation of Islamic faith and unity in the world. By participating in the journey of Hajj, a Muslim is spiritually renewed as a follower of Islam. The Hajj soap is designed to reinforce this concept by demonstrating the essence and gravity of a deserving Muslim earning a clean slate after the journey.

The soap is designed to last for the 10 days of the Hajj journey. When the soap has
fully dissolved, it rewards the user with a symbolically purifying emblem of a traditional Zamzam water container. By anointing themselves with the holy water, the user symbolizes the completion of their Hajj and commitment to The Five Pillars of Islam.

The soap has a rigid outer layer containing sand, taken from the concept of Tayamum, which is cleansing with sand when water is unavailable. This represents a Muslim’s true commitment to the ritual. The outer layer conceals a colorless, unscented, and alcohol-free inner layer, representing the neutral and humble nature of a Muslim on this journey. The semi- transparent nature gives the Muslim the motivation towards the days that are left. As the layers vanish, the tangible reward becomes clearer.

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