UNEARTHING, Enriching Bahrain’s Pottery Culture

Bringing earthenware back to our contemporary everyday lives, by re-envisioning the identity of Bahraini pottery.

DESIGN YOUR PRODUCT: Use your imagination and get creative.

OUR OBJECTIVE: is to bring to life a system that will utilize an interactive method with guidelines in order to allow the growth in imagination instead of the craftsmen producing hundreds of the same product. The system is not a commercial ‘make your own pot’ but a tool to give the opportunity to share what they think is beautiful and drawing upon the bespoke and imperfect element of the craft.

We enable the craft to evolve into a series of contemporary fluid shapes for example: a lamp, kettle or other products that can be used and reintroduced into our daily lives. Despite its daily usage as a product, the craftsmanship of pottery adheres itself with all levels of the human senses. Various senses are utilized and heightened from the raw material to the manufacturing of the craft. This interactive collection and coherent system will trigger several of the human body senses, such as sight, sound, and touch.

We aim to successfully triangulate the craft from the local craftsmen (Delmon Factory) to Dubai and then back to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Subsequently addressing the ongoing concern of creating awareness to this valuable and powerful craft, which will remain substantial and indispensable in the fabric of the Bahraini Heritage.

Furthermore, we are creating an accessible interface, which integrates a coherent system that presents a structure, to make a consistent collection arbitrarily or by intentional design. Taking an undermined craft, renovating it with new interactive concepts and attractive forms of presentation. The craftsman constructs by hand and measures with their eyes, the user mimics this act on the screen resulting in a personified, electronic authentication of the user’s experience with the craft. In addition, we will be showcasing a cutting edge intellectual montage video installation by demonstrating the narrative of the craft’s history through the language of sequential images.